Welcome to Legion of Dogs

I thought I’d start off by introducing us!

Legion of Dogs is run by Christina Young (Positive Dog) and Jade Zwingli (Where’s Your Sit). We are both professional dog trainers and avid dog sport competitors. We both share our homes with a variety of dogs. Christina and Jade currently share their homes with purebred dogs from breeders and dogs adopted through rescue organizations. In addition, Jade also breeds Australian Shepherds. We aim to support both the breeder and rescue dog communities.

Living a multi-dog lifestyle – whether it be keeping pet dogs, sport dogs, working dogs, breeding dogs or having a foster or rescue dog(s) in your home can have unique challenges. We created Legion of Dogs as a resource to the dog loving community on how to navigate some of these challenges.

You’ll find most of our activity on our Facebook Page and Group as well as our YouTube channel. Make sure to join us on those forums. We will eventually have a Podcast available as well.

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Where's Your Sit?

Where's Your Sit? is a dog training company based in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Owned and operated by Jade Zwingli who has over 15 years' experience working with animals of all kinds.

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