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Food Toys and Puzzles

Food toys and puzzles come in many varieties and have different purposes. There are: Snufflers Bat ‘Em Arounders Puzzlers Chewers and Lickers Snufflers Snufflers are food toys such as snuffle mats/balls and are typically used with kibble or small dried treats. You can also use the grass in your yard as a natural snuffle mat. … Continue reading Food Toys and Puzzles

Stress Bucket Analogy

How Full Is Your Dog’s Bucket? When a dog’s Stress Bucket overflows, they can have big reactions to seemingly little things. As the saying goes, this is a case of ‘the straw that broke the camels back’. If the bucket is full, even a drop can cause it to spill. When their Stress Bucket spills, … Continue reading Stress Bucket Analogy

Welcome to Legion of Dogs

I thought I’d start off by introducing us! Legion of Dogs is run by Christina Young (Positive Dog) and Jade Zwingli (Where’s Your Sit). We are both professional dog trainers and avid dog sport competitors. We both share our homes with a variety of dogs. Christina and Jade currently share their homes with purebred dogs … Continue reading Welcome to Legion of Dogs